Public Sale Begins (Q3) 09/15/2019

About Us - IQKT Community

Establishing Decentralized Applications

Our company wants to be one of the first blockchains to offer quiz gaming within the crypto space on a massive scale, while providing great opportunities between our platform and the average investor. In fact, being able to earn rewards through our system on a frequent basis will be quite accomplishable, as our systems will not solely rely on bots as a means of distributing reward tokens. Our peer-to-peer designed network will provide users with real-time interactions, ultimately putting you in charge of your own investment. 

Inspiring New Crypto Comers

As we begin our journey on the road to adoption, we'd like to welcome you aboard! Our involvement in crypto-currency has most definitely been an exciting adventure, as we become closer to our goals of establishing a better world, via blockchain quiz gaming. The main goal that we'll be placing before anything else is security within our networks. We want all users of our platform to feel secure and safe as they invest. If you are new to the world of crypto and want to become better acquainted with our token, sign up on, create a wallet, then you'll be ready to invest with IQ Kombat Token.  

Growing Ecosystem

Our private group that was created on GuildChat exceeded over 600 new members within a 7-day period. We've developed a real use-case project in which will disrupt the entire crypto space in the coming future. Conducting frequent air drops within our IQKT community has most definitely played a role in terms of growth. On the other hand, we're constantly working towards strengthening our social media presence, as being exposed on a massive scale will be idea to the success of our token/projects.

About Our Token STRATEGY


IQKombatExchange Wallet

We've created our Official IQKT-EXCHANGE Wallet to serve our community regarding IQKT transactions.

Our Official IQKombatExchange wallet was created to serve our community regarding IQKT transactions, record keeping, and scalability.