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Your Decentralized Quiz Gaming Platform

Control Your Own Growth

Rather than letting bots control your success, allow yourself to become apart of your own destiny with IQ Kombat Token. A place where your own strengths and abilities will earn you rewards 

via quizzes, trivia, and number games. Everything in life is competitive! IQ Kombat will provide investors with the opportunity to grow as our ecosystem enhances, as we are in the process of developing the #1 blockchain. Stop gambling on your investments and allow IQKT to welcome you aboard, where knowledge is key. Your decentralized quiz gaming token has finally arrived! 

Peer-To-Peer Platform


Engage with your peers in a newly designed world of quiz gaming! Inspired by the Tron Network, IQKT has initiated the process of a great roadmap for all users around the world. As you'll mentally battle through timed based rounds against your component, learning while you're earning cryptocurrency! Exchange your thoughts and earn big rewards! Also, have fun while enjoying your favorite IQ Games.

Why Us?


We have developed a road map to help acquire true adoption within our platform. Many crypto investors have been faced with financial challenges, as the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. However, we our granting investors the opportunity to achieve financial goals regardless of how well the market is performing, as we're constructing a way for investors to lead the way, rather than the token. 


Our Road Map

Pre-Sale (Q3) Sept 15, 2019

Launch Public Sale 

Website's Development (Q1) Feb 2020

Development process for all affiliated sites within network. 

The Networking Process (Q2) May 2020

Develop inspired new partnerships to join our blockchain.

Introduction To Neuron (Q3) July 2020

Time based quiz game that involves a series of answering questions on a peer-to-peer blockchain platform. 

Development Of Coding Protocol Across Networks (Q4) Oct 2020

Efficiently Coding Communications Protocols for complex applications across the blockchain.

Get Listed On Exchanges (Q1) Jan 2021

Submit request to be listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Schedule Meet & Greets (Q1) Mar 2021

Allow members and investors to exchange ideas that may enhance our blockchain.

Test Net (Q2) Apr 2021

Launch Test Net.

Expansion Of Ecosystem (Q3) July 2021

Create marketing & advertisement campaigns that will create adoption.

Main Net (Q3) Sept 2021

Launch Main Net.

ICO Pre-Sale

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Private Members Group

GuildChat (IQ Kombat Token)


IQKT Members will receive 1M IQKT in cryptocurrency airdrops prior to public sale.


Networks Roadmap

IQ Kombat Team has developed a very unique way to string all of our networks together, as doing so will create a unique umbrella of scalable growth within our community. Also, this will give users/investors an opportunity to become apart of our elite group of members, in which will receive certain perks, rewards, and discounts across our networks. As long as you hold IQKT you'll be able to participate in online events and activities on our networks. As we are currently working towards the development of "A Better World Of Quiz Gaming," we'd like to welcome you aboard our community! The cryptocurrency that challenges your IQ, IQKT. 


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NOTE: applicants must like writing, and must have ability to provide factual info. within quizzes.

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